Shellfish plate of crustacean seafood with fresh lobster, mussels, oysters as an ocean gou


Fresh As You Can See

Getting the most superb quality seafoods directly to your door


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We want all seafood lovers enjoy the top quality seafoods! 

The JJseafoods is founded by a leading luxury seafood importer of live, fresh, and frozen seafoods supplier in Los Angeles, CA,USA. We have been bringing high quality gourmet seafoods and introducing various products to our retail and restaurant customers since 2012. Our mission is to provide highest quality live, fresh, and frozen seafoods, as well as optimal convenience, to consumers by providing home delivery.

Our Top Quality

To ensure our customers are getting the freshest product when it reaches them, our products are stored in a facility that is well equipped with the technology required to preserve the freshness. Live products are stored in professionally designed water tanks to simulate conditions close to their natural habitat while chilled and frozen products are stored in chillers and freezers to ensure that there will be no compromise in quality.


We are committed to providing customers with an affordable and accessible product that allows them to have an experience like getting seafood fresh off the ocean directly to their doors.   

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