Fresh As You Can See

Refund/Return/Cancellation Policy


Due to the safety of our customers, consumable product such as live or fresh products, and prepared goods are not eligible for return, unless product is defective or have quality issue.


Refund requests for live products must be submitted within 24 hours from the date of delivery. Refund requests other perishable products must be submitted within 3 days from the date of delivery. Refund requests for frozen products, dried food, and other groceries must be submitted within 7 days from the date of delivery. We may require you to return the product before we issue a credit or refund.


All items must be cancelled by 5 p.m. the day they are placed. Refunds are only offered if product is damaged or spoiled, and must be requested within 24 hours of receipt.  Write to support@jjseafoods.com and reference your order number.  Please provide a detailed description and photos depicting the damage.


Gift cards are nonrefundable.




• If you experienced discomfort or have any medical issues, please stop using or consuming the product and seek medical attention immediately.
• Written proof from a certified physician is required if you believe there is quality issue with the product that caused it.

• JJSEAFOODS.COM is not liable for any issue with consumable products that are improperly stored.

• All product pictures are for reference only. Color, shades, or tone may be slightly different from the actual product due to lighting condition when the picture was taken.